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All you need to know about our Remote COVID-19 service

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys was required to cease its' business operations conducted from our physical offices in Sandton as from midnight 26 March 2020 through to midnight 16 April 2020 ['the national lock-down' period] in terms of Regulation 11(B)(c) issued under Sections 3 and 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002-Government Gazette No 43168 - 26 March 2020.

The nationwide lock down is an exceptional and temporary measure to contain the COVID-19 crisis and the widespread transmission of the virus. We offer the convenience; flexibility and fixed fee peace of mind for clients unable to attend legal offices during the lock down period; or clients directly impacted by the National Disaster, through new remote legal services.

Our client relationships to date have been built on the 'personal touch' of a small boutique firm and we hope to translate this successfully through the digital platforms and practices created, in response to the disaster.

In line with the President's mandate Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys continues to deliver limited Digital Services to existing and new clients, which includes an additional service for 'Covid-19' related legal assistance. The legal practitioners of the firm who are required and able to work remotely during the national lock-down period, have been elected, and they will:-

  • continue with ongoing trial preparations in respect of client matters presently enrolled on the Court roll for Trials, Applications, attendances and appearances from 01 May 2020; throughout the remainder of 2020.

The office of the Judge President in an urgent directive dated 25 March 2020 determined that until 20 April 2020, the Johannesburg and Pretoria High Courts shall sit as an Urgent Court only; with all matters previously enrolled during this period to be automatically removed and postponed.

  • engage in telephonic pre-trial discussions and the electronic exchange of pleadings, notices and legal process; in respect of currently enrolled civil matters.

Directive 5(c) issued in terms of Regulation 10 of the Regulations issued under the Disaster Management Act, 2002; directs that all time limits imposed by any rule of Court shall be suspended and shall recommence after the termination or lapsing of the period of the National State of Disaster.

  • assist individuals and businesses with Covid-19 related legal queries; remotely,

  • assist clients with "essential legal services" designated as such under the Gazetted Regulations, and any amendments thereto, for which the Courts will operate digitally albeit this will only apply to matters of extreme urgency. Legal practitioners performing such urgent essential services must apply for and be issued with the requisite Regulation certificate (“Permit) to perform these services, by the relevant Provincial office of the Legal Practice Council (LPC) electronically.

We caution that instructions for essential legal services will be comprehensively assessed for meeting the urgency test; as defined in the various Directives and Regulations issued to date.

  • provide ordinary legal services remotely through our digital channels; and

  • maintain the business operations of the firm remotely, as far as is possible.

We look forward to building new business relationships through these challenging times and continue assisting fellow South Africans and South African business with their legal service needs.

Stay home, and stay safe.


This post is not intended as legal or professional advice and has been prepared as a summary and opinion on general principles of law or other common practice and is published for general information purposes only.

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