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Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys

 Founded in 2008

Under the leadership and direction of the founding partner, we have established ourselves as a reputable law firm, with extensive participation in the South African litigation arena. 


The firm was established in 2008 delivering services across diverse practice areas, and today presents as a boutique law firm with a key focus on litigation, in niche fields of practice.

Our professional staff are experienced and respected legal practitioners, who take pride in the training they offer to candidate legal practitioners during the selective intake of aspiring legal practitioners.

We embrace technology to not only enhance our service delivery to clients, but also improve staff productivity.


Key initiatives include: - 

  • secure virtual filing rooms giving our legal practitioners real time and up to date digital access to client files, anywhere; and across a range of devices

  • digital file and data management for a seamless transition and integration to the new electronic Court system Case Lines

  • secure practice management platform offering our clients access to a client portal, and the practitioners with process automation support

  • access to trusted and credible legal content and intelligent, digital platforms for legal research as well as online legal libraries 

  • digital service channels 

  • automated client on-boarding and verification

        We proudly celebrated the firm's 10th year of 'excellence in law' milestone in 2018. 

Our Landmark Judgment

We successfully litigated a landmark Judgment which effectively expanded the common law of South Africa, in recognising and enforcing the rights of an adopted child in loss of support litigation.

T v Road Accident Fund (2013/22829) [2014] ZAGPJHC 229; 2015 (1) SA 609 (GJ) (26 September 2014)

Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys is a registered law firm with the Legal Practice Council of South Africa. Our legal practitioners are members in good standing with the Gauteng Legal Practice Council and hold the requisite Fidelity Fund certificates for the year ending 2022.

The managing director of Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa

Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys and its legal practitioners are members of the Johannesburg Attorneys Association

Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys is an accountable Institution in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 and registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre.

All our employees have completed FICA for accountable institutions training programmes.

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